Called & Gifted: One Hour Gifts Interview




Please complete step one before purchasing your interview.

The One Hour Gifts Interview – Step 2 of the C&G Discernment Process. The interview is most effective when set up after completing Step 1 either in a workshop or using materials in a small group or individual setting.

The 1 hour phone interview is the next step after taking the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory. The interview aids in identifying potential areas of giftedness and sets the stage for actual experimentation during the discernment in depth part 2 process. Within one business day of your order being processed, you will receive a separate follow up email connecting you with your interviewer. Questions? Call 719-219-0056.

After you have completed your interview, please don’t hesitate for sharing your feedback with us via the Called & Gifted Gifts Interview Feedback form. Thank you for taking the time and giving us your valuable feedback, your helpful comments are much appreciated.